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Bethesda Emedia Marketing - Email Marketing Solutions
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Professional Email Marketing Solutions

Email Marketing Solutions


Email Delivery Service
Bethesda Emedia Marketing’s focus is to maintain the highest levels of email deliverability and email marketing analytics.


Email Deliverability
Anything that affects whether your outgoing email appears in front of the recipient comes under the heading of deliverability.


In a world of spam, the technologies used by Internet Service Providers have to make a judgment call on each email:

  • Do we delete this email and not deliver it to the email user?
  • Do we deliver the email to the user, but mark it as spam or perhaps send it straight to the junk folder in the user’s email interface?
  • Do we deliver the email straight to the inbox?


Put our email delivery team to work for you, and make sure your messages get delivered to the user’s inbox. Higher email delivery rates mean a noticeable increase in sales and conversions.


Email Marketing Analytics
Marketing professionals know that careful, accurate and constant campaign tracking and analysis are just as important as delivery itself. Integrating email analytics into your email marketing is an easy way to make this possible. Marketers can maximize effectiveness through improved content, precise targeting and accurate tracking using our marketing analytics services.


Custom Email Newsletter
Custom logos, colors, images, and targeted content will be carefully put together to achieve maximum performance. Our custom HTML email templates are coded with the highest quality available for email deliverability and higher search engine rankings & click through rates. Special attention is focused on designs rendering the same in various email clients such as Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo and more.

Email Marketing Solutions


Email Marketing Solutions

Bethesda Emedia are incredibly attentive to all the details as well as the customer's needs from design through deployment.
-SL, Association VP