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9 strategies for using Twitter as an effective marketing tool

9 strategies for using Twitter as an effective marketing tool
by IP Marketing Blogr

“B2B social media marketing involves a carefully planned mix across multiple channels to build relationships and increase lead generation,” writes Mary Pergolino, a regular contributor to “To ensure the effectiveness of such marketing mixes, it’s important to continue checking initiatives against overarching business goals, and allow time to calculate ROI of marketing efforts.” The same holds true, she says, when developing strategies for Twitter. To ensure the most effective return on Twitter, consider the following tips:

1. Share control – “One way to ensure a steady flow of messages from your company Twitter account is to employ not one, but multiple users to represent the brand,” says Pergolino. “Doing so extends the amount of content and conversations from one person’s view, to multiple people’s views and ideas.”

2. Timing is everything – Understand the specific days and times your company’s messages are more likely to be read and shared, Pergolino advises. If, for instance, analytics indicate that your community tends to re-tweet and share content more frequently early in the day, or early in the week, time your most compelling content to hit the stream during those times.

3. Spread valuable information – “One of the ways Twitter adds to an effective B2B marketing campaign is its ability to share your message with a large number of people in a short amount of time,” says Pergolino. “And the more valuable the content, the more likely it is to get passed along.”

4. Encourage employees – “Don’t look simply at one official presence on Twitter; encourage employees to create personal accounts and spread the news about the company and its culture,” Pergolino advises. “Ensure the overall strategy incorporates the use of brand messengers who give personal value to prospects and current customers.”

5. Optimize – It’s easy to find out who is tweeting about a topic and how frequently the topic is mentioned by simply going to and enter the keyword you’re interested in, says Pergolino. “Consider using a similar keyword research strategy for Twitter as you would for creating search-optimized content,” she suggests. “Focus on keywords and phrases relevant to your industry; examine both research and buying phases and target those keywords; find what competitors are doing and who’s talking about them.”

6. Hashtags – “Along with building a targeted search, hashtags are powerful ways to not only find, but also send out content to a wider audience, other than just your followers,” Pergolino observes. “Research current hashtags, or even create a new hashtag to promote your updates; many B2B buyers start with simple searches of prominent hashtags on Twitter.”

7. URL shorteners – Since the maximum character count to a Twitter update is 140, this doesn’t leave room for unessential information or excessive self-promotion, notes Pergolino. “To achieve optimal social messaging with Twitter, consider using URL shorteners such as,” she advises. “With this service, not only do you have more room to type, but you can also utilize built-in analytics on statistics such as click rate, dates, times and demographics.”

8. Promote others – “Sharing content, insights, and news from sources other than your own provides additional value to your followers, and recognizing others builds relationships and increases the chances they will share your tweets,” says Pergolino.

9. Use the right tools – Consider researching and compiling needed Twitter tools to enhance your existing strategy, Pergolino advises. These might include client tools, search tools, Twitter directories, and Twitter analytics packages.

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