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Writing for the Web: 3 Tips for Better Web Copywriting

Writing for the Web: 3 Tips for Better Web Copywriting
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The other day, I read a great Copyblogger article and agreed with almost everything. In it, Sonia Simone – a brilliant writer and marketer – talks about how SEO has changed, and how increasingly important content and writing for the web is:

Less sophisticated SEOs might advise you to outsource a writer (who may or may not be particularly proficient in English) to slap together hundreds of pages that have the right keywords on them.

That’s a sign that you need to fire your SEO. The true SEO pros know that it isn’t just content you need — it’s good content.

Good content isn’t always the most gracefully written. It might violate every grammatical rule in the book. It might be brash, or weird. It might offend your in-laws.

Here’s where I disagree with Sonia. I believe copywriters – and not just a good copywriter, but the right copywriter – can make all the difference when it comes to web copy. Writing for the web isn’t like writing an advertisement…or a newspaper article…or even a book; it’s a very specialized of writing. Even if you know everything about your business there is to know, it’s a copywriter’s job to get in your head and translate that information to make it interesting and attention grabbing.

Furthermore, your copy should not have any spelling or grammatical errors. There is nothing like an error or two to completely discount a website, and therefore a business. We all have a friend or two gifted in the art of spelling, so ask them to read over your copy before it goes live.

If you do decide to forego the copywriter, here are a few tips to make your copy that much more enticing:

Don’t lead with your sales foot.

No one wants to get a sales pitch when they come to your website, so don’t make it all about the product or service. Create content around your visitors: what do they care about? How will your product or service benefit them?

Break it up.

A page of boring black text is difficult to get through, but much easier when it’s broken up with headers, bold and italicized phrases, and bulleted or numbered lists.

Keep it simple.

As a website owner, you’re passionate about what you’re talking about, and that’s great. Your job is to get your reader passionate, too. The easiest way to lose them? Drawing on and on about a topic with no end in sight. So, keep it short…sweet…and enticing!

What about you? What are your favorite tricks for writing for the web?

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