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Professional Email Marketing Solutions

Email List Management


Keep Your Email List Clean with Bethesda Emedia Marketing

Bethesda Emedia Marketing is a full-service industry-leading provider of online emarketing solutions including improving eMail delivery.


Our services are used for:

  •     Opt-in email lists
  •     Email appending
  •     Email list cleaning
  •     Permission based email for email marketing management

Our services are designed to enable companies to streamline their online marketing processes with a flexible, low cost solution to help them do business the smart way.


For lists that you are mailing now we suggest the following:

  •     BEM flags invalid email addresses for removal
  •     Suggest corrections (you may reconnect with lost customers)


We identify and can provide suggested corrections for:

  •     Typos
  •     Formatting problems
  •     Syntax errors
  •     Dead domains
  •     FCC-mandated wireless blocks
  •     DMA’s “Do Not Email” records
  •     Flag bogus and malicious emails (where possible)
  •     Identify Spam-trap and Honeypot addresses (where possible)


All this helps minimize support issues and help keep you off ISP blacklists.


This catches about 30-40% of the problems. Further problems can be caught with a BEM controlled eMail pass. This additional process will remove additional bounces, dead addresses and capture issues that were missed by the audit software.


We strongly suggest you also let us do a pass of the email list to remove hard bounces and other problems that can only be captured by best-of-breed software. This again, will result in better deliverability and a higher mailer reputation score – one of the keys to eMail success.


When you add our personalized customer relationships and our well-documented expertise, you save time and money with Bethesda Emedia Marketing Email Knowledge System’s custom email marketing program.


Our solutions and tools include direct marketing applications, data management, data intelligence, lead generation, email lists, and best practices consulting.

Email List Management


Email List Management

Bethesda Emedia are incredibly attentive to all the details as well as the customer's needs from design through deployment.
-SL, Association VP